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About me

In 2011, he graduated from the Military Law Faculty of the Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy. He received a master’s degree in law.

After that, he started working in the prosecutor’s office, where he consistently held the positions of Assistant Military Prosecutor of the Sevastopol Garrison, Investigator of the Prosecutor’s Office of Sribnyansky District of Chernihiv Region, and Prosecutor of the Chernihiv Transport Prosecutor’s Office.

Thanks to my work in the prosecutor’s office, I gained practical experience that allows me to anticipate and effectively counter the arguments of law enforcement agencies in each specific case.

Since 2014, I have been engaged in private legal practice. In 2016, I received the status of an attorney-at-law, after which the priority area of my activity became defence in criminal cases.

My credo is to get a positive result, to do my best, often more than the client expects from me.