Dmytro Zarudenskyi

I would like to thank lawyers Zhuk Yurii and Chetvertak Kostiantyn for the legal assistance provided to me.
In April 2019, an investigator unexpectedly came to my house with a search warrant, as a result of which money (a large amount) and equipment were seized from me. After the search, several summonses for questioning were immediately handed to me. I understood that suspicion was being prepared for me. Immediately, on the recommendation of my acquaintances, I turned to the lawyers of the “Crime Defenders” Bar Association.
Thanks to their qualifications and professionalism, they returned the confiscated property to me in the shortest possible time.
In addition, as a result of correctly developed tactics of behavior during the interrogation, the investigator was unable to obtain the testimony he needed.
Thanks for their help! It is not clear how everything would have ended if I had not turned to these lawyers.

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