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What you need to know if you are being searched?

Anyone can be searched at any time. You do not need to be a suspect to do so. You will not even know that criminal proceedings have been opened against you or other persons or that investigative actions are planned. Unfortunately, most people do not know the main points of such a procedural action as a search, which leads to a violation of their legitimate rights and interests.

What to do after a road accident? Advice for participants, witnesses and victims

A road traffic accident is always a huge stress for the participants and witnesses, even if no one was killed or suffered significant injuries or material damage. Therefore, it is worth remembering what witnesses, victims and participants should do in the event of an accident. With this information, you will know how to act in a critical situation.
підозрюваний та обвинувачений

Suspect and accused: their rights and obligations

The status of a suspect or accused in a criminal case is a critical situation for almost any unprepared person, as it is quite easy to lose self-control and make a lot of irreparable mistakes. Most often, this affects those who did not commit a crime, trying desperately to prove their innocence, despite the fact that the Constitution of Ukraine guarantees the presumption of innocence to everyone suspected of committing a crime.

Search and inspection. What is the difference?

On the one hand, a search is a fairly effective and efficient way to obtain evidence of a criminal offence. On the other hand, a search restricts the right to inviolability of the home guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine. Along with the search, there is another way to obtain evidence - inspection. It should be noted that these investigative actions are quite similar in nature, but have significant differences in the grounds and procedure for their conduct.

Responsibility for storage, use and distribution of drugs

Drug addiction is an extremely acute problem in Ukrainian society, causing illnesses, deaths, and broken lives. Many people commit crimes for the sake of a desired "dose." Therefore, the attitude towards those accused of manufacturing or distributing drugs in society is traditionally sharply negative. The Ukrainian judiciary is also very strict: most articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provide for actual imprisonment for crimes related to drug trafficking.
тілесні ушкодження

Personal injuries and liability for their infliction

One of the most common types of criminal offences is infliction of bodily harm. In conflict situations and self-defence attempts, there is a risk of harming other people. Almost anyone can get into such trouble, even those who never show aggression towards others. What do you need to know if you are charged with inflicting bodily harm?

Online scam: what is it, what are the consequences and how to protect yourself?

Every day, many Ukrainians become victims of online scam, and the activity of criminals is constantly growing. In this article, we'll look at what types of online scam exist, how to avoid becoming a victim of such schemes, and what to do if criminals have lured your money. We will also tell you what threatens those who dare to make money from online scam.
повідомлення про підозру

Appeal against a notice of suspicion

A notice of suspicion may be appealed by the suspect, his or her defence counsel or legal representative by filing a relevant motion with the investigating judge after 1 month from the date of notification of suspicion of a criminal offence or 2 months from the date of notification of suspicion of a crime, but not later than the prosecutor closes the criminal proceedings or files an indictment with the court.
угода зі слідством

Agreement with the investigation: legal trap or compromise?

Why do we need a plea agreement with the investigation? Its purpose is to simplify and speed up the criminal proceedings. Therefore, it is clear that it cannot be concluded with an innocent person, by default. The same applies when there is every reason to release a person from criminal liability or when there are grounds to drop the charges, which is extremely rare.

Accusations of corruption: what to do and how to defend yourself?

Corruption is one of the most significant problems in Ukrainian society. However, accusations of corruption are not always objective. An innocent person who has not received improper benefits, abused their official position, or enriched themselves through illegal methods can also come under pressure from law enforcement agencies.