Yurii Holodok

I would like to express my gratitude to lawyers Kostiantyn Chetvertak and Yurii Zhuk.
Kostiantyn was called 2 times and talked for 15 to 20 minutes, after which we met in a cafe, and he answered all my questions without any problems. Most importantly, he did not “put on” rose-colored glasses on me, he told me clearly and clearly what and how to do and what the consequences might be for me.
I would like to note that Kostiantyn himself said that the fee for services must be paid only when the case directly goes to court, which inspires confidence.
Yurii and Kostiantyn dealt with my case about an administrative offense and won it, having collected enough evidence, documents, videos from the scene of the events, etc.
Two sessions were held without my personal presence, and at the third, when I gave my testimony, the judge of the Darnytsky District Court of Kyiv said, and I quote: “You are lucky with lawyers!”.
I recommend these specialists to everyone! Fortunately, my environment is not in criminal circles, but now is such a time that a good lawyer in the phone book will save nerves, money and, God forbid, lost years.

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